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Welcome to the Swiss Film Music Encyclopedia, produced by the Forum Filmmusik Zurich. Thank you for stopping by!

We would like to provide you with information about Swiss film music: film music composers coming from Switzerland or living there, as well as their work.

This project is based on Swiss Film Music. Anthology 1923–2012 published by the FONDATION SUISA in 2015, a book with 3 CDs and a DVD.

As a first step of this project, the lexical part of the book along with the available sound and film examples have been transferred to this wiki, and were published in January 2018.

As a second step, this data will be updated and supplemented with other composers and works.

Mathias Spohr and Bruno Spoerri are responsible for the entries. – Contact us!


Going online:

Solothurner Filmtage, January 30 2018, 8:00 PM, Uferbau

Thanks to all contributors. Celebrate with us!

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Höhenfeuer (CH/DE 1985) ist ein Spielfilm mit der Musik von Mario Beretta.

Höhenfeuer: Der Bueb