The International Media Music and Sound Arts Network in Education (IMMSANE) is an initiative to support global higher education programmes in these fields to collaborate, disseminate research and pedagogy, and connect with industry. The network strengthens relationships between partner institutions through meetings at international film festivals and by sharing information.

It is developed by Yati Durant (MSCN, AcadeMeet at SoundTrack_Cologne) and André Bellmont (Zurich University of the Arts, Composition for Film, Theatre and Media) out of the European Education Alliance for Music and Sound in Media (EEAMS) to expand collaboration, develop initiatives and research and share pedagogy with educators and industry professionals around the world.

IMMSANE creates a broad international network of higher education institutions that educate students in the areas of filmmaking, sound design, film music composition and sound art, with the goal of increasing awareness of music and sound design as integral narrative tools in the storytelling process. It fosters and maintains exchanges between institutions of higher education and industry engaged in teaching and research in the sound arts and related fields, and provides a forum for interdisciplinary dialogue.

Events and Activities

IMMSANE organizes congresses, conferences, symposia, festivals, forums, workshops, ateliers, seminars, collaborations, joint degree programs, mobility and exchange programs, research projects, websites, publications and other means and instruments of action.

It organizes a congress every two years (even number) in different locations, hosted by its institutional members. Meetings, workshops, keynotes, and presentations of work are organized by colleagues, students, and industry representatives. (Author: André Bellmont)