Made Incorrect

Made Incorrect (USA 2002) is a short fiction film with music by Vincent Gillioz.

Made Incorrect


  • Direction: Aaron Lindquist.
  • Screenplay: Chad Cockerell and Aaron Lindquist.
  • Production: Chad Cockerell.
  • Supervising sound editor: Rickley W. Dumm.


This futuristic movie is about a couple who just lost their last chance to have a baby due to miscarriage. Against her husband’s will the wife turns to science to have a baby. They only need one piece of the husband’s hair to be able to produce a foetus.

Music excerpt

(1:07 from the beginning)

Bees and honeycombs are shown as ominous premonition of horror. The opening scene of the movie, from which this piece is taken, starts with beautiful close-ups of bees building a hive. The scene finishes with a close-up of a drop of blood falling into a test tube filled with water.


“Musically, the idea was to set up a cold, uncomfortable, threatening atmosphere. With that concept in mind I decided to write sonorities that were not commonly heard. I made up a low, heavy, six-note chord that would become a recurring colour in the movie. It is a metaphor of the weight felt by the characters, as if they felt something pounding on them. The disjointed main motif on the piano is also a reiterated figure in the movie, echoing the couple’s confused, lonely souls. The coldness and unease is conveyed by violin harmonics fighting with the oboe harmonics, and the flutes bending in quarter tones.”

Vincent Gillioz




  • Vincent Gillioz, Genève.