Sunny Days

Sunny Days (CH 1958) is an advertising film with music by Tibor Kasics.

Sunny Days


  • Direction and screenplay: Alfred Bruggmann.
  • Production: Burlet-Film.
  • Commission: Postes alpestres Suisses (Post Bus Switzerland).


(duration 13:00)

This film accompanies a group of foreign tourists on a two-day bus trip from Lucerne to Montreux via the Axenstrasse, the Furkapass, the Grimselpass, Interlaken, the Simmental and the Col du Pillon.


The three-note motive of the post bus horn – a descending major sixth and ascending fourth (C sharp-E-A), which is derived from the Andante section of Rossini’s overture to Guillaume Tell (1829), accompanies this journey in many different variants. We also hear the folk songs “Vo Luzärn gäge Wäggis zue” (“From Lucerne towards Weggis”), “Lueged von Bärge und Tal” (“See, from mountains and valleys”). These are turned into an entertaining musical score with a Ländler feel to it and that is adapted to the different locations along the way. The sounds of rushing water, motors, clock bells, glacier ice and goat bells are realised by the percussion.

A “Close for the radio”, included with the ensemble parts, shows that these were also used for a radio broadcast. (authors: Bruno Spoerri, Mathias Spohr)



  • 6 orchestral parts (clarinet, trumpet/violin, percussion, guitar, double bass, accordion): Zentralbibliothek Zürich, Mus NL 26 Ac 5.2.


  • Film and Music: Museum of Communication, Bern. plzm.7f1a6fed-b359-41ac-8753-6066ec3b810f?.gif