The Case of the Vanished Blonde

The Case of the Vanished Blonde (CH 1958) is an advertising film with music by Hans Moeckel.

The Case of the Vanished Blonde: The detective and a picture of the vanished blonde


  • Direction: Alfred Bruggmann.
  • Screenplay: Alfred Bruggmann and Theodor Seeger after Werner Belmont.
  • Production: Dokumentarfilm Zürich (Adolf Forter).
  • Commission: Schweizerische Bundesbahnen (Swiss Federal Railways).
  • Musical direction: Hans Moeckel.


(duration: 16:00 min.)

A private detective of somewhat limited ability (Walter Roderer) is tasked with finding a film diva who has disappeared. His investigative journey leads him through restaurants in Swiss railway stations, several tourist spots and ultimately to the Jungfraujoch. He meets the film star without recognising her, thus fulfilling his task without being aware of it. What remains is his memory of lovely train journeys and of eating well in Switzerland.


The music is undoubtedly what is best about this film, which is typical of the Swiss promotional films for tourism of the 1950s, trying to entertain rather than to inform (Zimmermann, p. 230). Moeckel wrote a varied music for big band that was geared precisely to the content of the film. It has many burlesque references to well-known sources (such as George Gershwin). The catchy “travel” motive always returns when the protagonist is travelling by train. (author: Bruno Spoerri)


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  • Film and music: SBB Historic, Bern. plzm.7953b6d3-1f1f-48b7-acee-1363cd876c4c?.png